Arrowverse: 20 Attractive Pics Of The Female Cast

Green Arrow might be the lead character of the comic-based TV show Arrow, but that doesn’t mean he’s the hero. Women have been saving the world for eons now and the Arrowverse is no exception. The show features a handful of incredibly strong women in their core cast, and it’s part of the reason we binge-watch the seasons again and again. Sure, there aren’t a lot of women on the Arrow screen. But the ones that are there hold their own. We wanted to celebrate these strong women by giving them a little extra screen time; mostly in the form of this list.

Being a super woman in a world that doesn’t always support that is tough. These ladies have shown us that anyone can do it, though, and we’re grateful. They’ve also proven that they can do it while looking incredible! Now that’s a bonus!

20 We Have To Start With Quintessential Cool Girl, Emily Bett Rickards


Emily Bett Rickards is one of the main women on the show Arrow. People also calls her Stephen Amell’s best friend, and revealed the fact that she’s leaving the show. Will Felicity Smoak ever come back? We can’t know for sure. What we can say is that we’re excited to see what this cool girl does next.

19 She's Just So Gorgeous


Variety is the spice of life, and it’s also the key to a good career in acting. Emily Bett Rickards knows that this is the case, which is part of the reason she has so many glamorous shots as well as her everyday cool girl style. This photo is proof that Emily Bett Rickards has huge versatility.

18 And Adorable, Of Course


It’s not only the glamor shots she embraces; she’s not afraid to snap a selfie every now and then, which makes us incredibly happy. The selfie is healthy, and it’s certainly adorable too when Rickards is taking up the screen. We’re also a little in awe of the fact that she’s this adorable just casually.

17 But Who Could Forget About Katie Cassidy?


For those of you out there who have only just started watching Arrow, you might know Cassidy as a “new addition” to the show. In reality, however, she actually was around for the first 4 seasons as well as the last couple. The Arrow Fandom Wikia tells us that she was brought back after taking a season out of the spotlight.

16 She's Got That Subtle Sauciness Going On


And honestly, thank goodness she came back. Emily Bett Rickards might be cool, but Katie Cassidy is on a whole other level. Her style is incredibly slick, and she’s got a bit of a subtle sauciness thing going on. Just look at the energy behind those eyes! It’s definitely one that says both I-have-superpowers and I’m-totally-normal.

15 As Well As A Good Amount Of Playfulness


See, this is part of the reason we know that she’s got a great spirit, no matter what style or character she’s portraying. At the end of the day Katie Cassidy is just a lovely, playful person. Her casual style is much less intimidating than her Arrow character, and proves that actors aren’t always like the characters they play.

14 Talk About Glamorous


This glamor shot though! It’s already hard enough snapping a selfie. Things get even more difficult when we try to take a good, glamorous selfie. Sure enough, Katie Cassidy has that skill locked down. From the makeup to the hair to that peek at an outfit, this is one well crafted glamor selfie.

13 Juliana Harkavy Might Have Them All Beat For Selfie Queen


Let’s move away from the blonde superstars for a second and take a look at our personal favorite, Juliana Harkavy. Not only does she have this super powerful vibe to her, but she’s so incredibly confident. We always love her selfies, and are always a little surprised to see the kinds of pictures she posts.

12 As Well As For Best Hair


The curly girl life is a hard one. We gave up on it super quickly, despite loving the outcome. Juliana Harkavy seems to have curly hair down to a science, and boy, does she ever rock the look well. We’re personally too distracted by thinking about her hair routine to notice how cute she is, but hey, it’s Juliana Harkavy. Of course she looks good.

11 And Her Behind-The-Scenes Photos Are CUTE


This kind of effortlessness is something we can only dream of achieving in our lives. Not only can she wear that fashionable onesie with confidence, but her candid photo posing skills are also top notch. Who would have thought that anyone could make the windswept look even better, right? Harkavy did, though!

10 Willa Holland Always Looks Like She Has Something On Her Mind


She’s the quirky balance to the other women on the show, and we’re honestly super pleased that they included her in as many seasons as they did. While she comes across as young on the screen, she’s definitely got her own ideas about her career: just look at that thoughtful gaze. She’s always thinking about something, and we think it’s plotting her next move.

9 But We Still Love Her


Surprisingly, she’s not actually as young as she comes across in Arrow. She’s a well respected actor and we hope that she really does go on to do even bigger things. But, selfishly, we really want her to continue on as an actor on Arrow and other superhero TV shows. Her power is too big to ignore!

8 And Her Quirky Vibes

Not enough words exist to accurately portray our love for this photo. Totally falling into the quirky-but-cool category, Willa Holland is undeniably herself. Sure, wearing fishnets in bed doesn’t seem super comfortable, but it definitely looks good. And we’d love to try out that sweater. Maybe we just want to be her? It’s hard to tell sometimes.

7 Caity Lotz Is Most People's Unspoken Favorite


Yes, she was only around for the second and third seasons. However, she was one of the standouts in our opinion. Swooping in like The Canary that she is, her delicate disposition added some lovely counteraction to the tougher and more down to Earth energy of the other female characters on the show.

6 Maybe Its Due To Her Sense Of Humor


Off the silver screen she’s actually got quite a fiery sense of humor. Sure, her character tends to be that whisper-in-the-wind type, but on social media she’s hilarious. She’s professional, yes, but she’s never afraid to laugh at herself. This is part of the reason her social media is such a joy to follow.

5 She's Never Afraid To Be Herself


The most attractive person in the world is the one who’s walking around being their best self and carrying takeout. Call us ridiculous, but we believe that takeout is the sign of a person truly embracing their life. That’s something that we definitely need more of in our life. Not to mention how fashionable that outfit is! She’s truly her best self here.

4 She Isn't Afraid To Show It All Off


Showing all of her personality off, that is. Revealing it all is a good thing when it comes to your emotional health and happiness, especially for famous stars. It’s easy for us to assume that they’re perfect all the time. Caity Lotz shows us that we can be wacky and wild, as well as sensitive and touching.

3 These Ladies Are Definitely Not Afraid To Be Bold


Boldness is brilliance, as these women know. They aren’t afraid to hold their own with the guys of the show both on screen and during interviews. Emily Bett Rickards is one of the big ones, but the others also do well. They might be few in number, but they are loud in volume. We’re a big fan.

2 And It's Clear They All Love Each Other


The best part about these ladies? They all love supporting each other. We haven’t heard anything about them being mean or hurtful, and that’s one of the most attractive parts of the dynamic. Women supporting women is a popular theme right now, and we hope that that isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

1 Though, Who Wouldn't Love Them?


Honestly, we’d support them no matter what. They’re so lovely and gorgeous as well. The outfits fit them well, but the smiles fit them even better. The Arrow women are good ones, and we can’t get over how well they get along. All in all, it’s hard to find a set of cast mates who are more attractive than these ladies!

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