Aston Martin Enters The SUV Game, Introduces The $190,000 DBX

James Bond now has an option should he find himself in the family way with any of the Bond girls as Aston Martin has introduced the DBX SUV.

The British sports car maker follows BMW, Porsche, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and even Lamborghini into the suburban warrior market with a vehicle with 22.3 cubic feet of cargo space and the ability to tow your weekend racer to the track.

With only 4,000 scheduled per year and a sticker price of $189,000 it’s only for the well heeled soccer moms. Autoweek took a look at the LA Auto Show debut.

3 AMG Power

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Power comes from an AMG sourced twin turbocharged 4.0l V8 engine that puts down 542hp and 512 lbs of torque. All of that power is fed through an AMG 9-speed automatic transmission that feeds powers to all the wheels.

Mercedes also supplied the electronics and brain that controls all that power so the Aston Martin might feature some familiar infotainment options to AMG drivers.

2 Active Power Distribution

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To help keep all of that power under control the DBX actively adjusts the distribution to four corners. Under normal conditions 54% of the power goes to the rear and 47% to the front.

Under heavy foot conditions that power can shift to almost 100% in the rear and an electronically controlled limited slip differential can shift that power from one side to the other.

1 Adjustable Ride Height

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Track to trail transitions are handled by an adjustable three chamber air suspension that can raise the DBX’s ride height from a resting 7.5 inches to 9.3 inches allowing the SUV to wade through waters as deep as 19.7 inches.

When it’s time to return to the track the DBX can squat down an additional 2 inches from the standard ride height. Aston Martin says this is all good for a sub-8 minute ‘Ring time.

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