There Was An Attempt (15 Posts)

Life can be tough. Day-to-day activities can stress us out. Different situations bring about their different struggles. However, we are humans. We are resilient. We are strong and capable. We think critically and creatively, and we persevere, meaning that no matter what life throws at us, we bounce back...or try to at least.

Below, there are 15 images that sum all of this up. These are 15 moments that presented stressors and struggles. There is one common denominator here, though: There was an attempt made.

Someone out there, at some point in time, attempted to deal with a problem, and we have 15 examples of this happening — all right here for us all to learn from and to enjoy. And, sure, it was not perfect. It did not turn out perfectly. It might not have gone too well. But there was effort! There was an attempt! There was some sort of thinking and some sort of giving a care!

Yes, life can be tough, and we try to roll with the punches, and at times, our failed attempts make for a hilarious read, like the one which is about to be enjoyed. It is sad, but it is so, so true.

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15 When This Girl Tried To Scare Her Boyfriend

Some failed attempts are cute and comical, rather than just being sad and depressing, and this is one of them. This cute couple apparently enjoys scaring each other. So while her boyfriend was in the bathroom, this girl hid under the bed. However, her plan backfired, since they are both just so cute and so compatible.

Instead of looking for her, he just got excited that she was not around and took the opportunity to hide from HER! He ran into the closet to sit and wait, and the girl was dying, laughing so hard under the bed that she was crying; she did not want to blow her cover, but one of them was going to have to give in, or that would be a really long waiting game.

So, she did not get to scare him. And he did not get to scare her. But this is a great example of a funny fail — a sweet fail, even! The intended outcome did not happen, since things went wrong, but they went wrong in a really cute way and proved just how fun this couple is. In fact, we can all really learn something from this man and this woman, as they live with a young-at-heart attitude.

14 When It Ruined Christmas

Now, sometimes when people mess up and make an attempt, it is definitely not as cute as number 15. It may have some good intentions behind it, but overall, a bad mistake will be made, and things will go awry. This person came in one night drunk, after a wild night out. This person noticed that the oven was on, so, like a responsible human, the off switch was flicked. However, this person's dad was slow-roasting beef overnight for a wonderful Christmas meal. And all of that was ruined.

Time has passed since this attempt—this attempt to not let the house burn down—was made, so now, the family can probably giggle a little at it like some readers probably did.

But remember: Failed attempts are still unsuccessful! That means that things did not go as planned. So even if this person was trying to be safe and helpful, a mistake was still made that had big and horrible consequences. In fact, the family probably had to eat sandwiches for Christmas that year. Or maybe they ordered out and were left picking at decent food from styrofoam containers, cardboard boxes and paper bags. Whatever they ended up eating... It was not dad’s famous roast, the annual and beloved tradition.

13 When This Parent Outsmarted The System

Okay, so we have covered cute attempts that were made and sad attempts that were made, but now we will move on to genius attempts that were made.

An Ask Reddit conversation polled the audience to find out the dumbest solution to a problem that actually worked. @Stellapotamus needed to cancel a doctor's appointment, but there was going to be a $200 charge since there was not at least a week's notice.

However, @Stellapotamus realized it was free to reschedule an appointment... See where this is going?

Smart @Stellapotamus rescheduled that appointment for three weeks out. Then @Stellapotamus cancelled that appointment! Imagine the receptionist’s face as they slowly realized what was happening, yet went right along with the craziness.

In short, instead of having to pay a ridiculous fee, @Stellapotamus outsmarted the system, worked around the policy, and came up with a sort of dumb—yet sort of genius—solution to a problem. And, in this case, the attempt was made. @Stellapotamus did not know if trying to outsmart the system would work, but it was a success since it actually worked and didn’t end in a flop — like these tragic attempts usually do. I hope everyone is taking notes and learning lessons here!

12 When This Bot Was Close-Ish

Humans are not the only ones who make attempts. This bot tried, too. It tried real hard to succeed at its job, and I suppose it was close-ish, but really, it was just off. I guess not all bots are geniuses, right?

First off, the bot stated that it was 91%  sure of what the picture was showing. Is 91% an automatic setting? Why not 90%? What kept it from being 95% sure? That is just interesting, but it is beside the point, since it should have gone with, like, 59% sure — something much lower. Why? Because this bot thought that model Martha Hunt was wearing glasses.

Oh, little bot. She definitely is not. But she does have dark eyebrows and dark eyeliner, so maybe that's what messed the bot up? Or perhaps because her bangs are closely framing her face, the robot thought she was seeing glasses? At least it knew she was a woman, I guess, right?

The saddest part here is that last little sentence: "I am a bot. Please upvote if I'm right so I can learn."

That makes me want to cry! It's just trying to do its job, but it probably did not get any upvotes for that, so it just sat there, alone and confused. But...an attempt was made, so for that, I give it credit. 

11 When Netflix Got Confused

In a similar situation, Netflix had a big flop. Someone has a job in which all they do is write really short descriptions of all the series' and films on Netflix. And then the actual program is smart enough to make sure the correct bio is showing at the correct time. But it appears something glitched here. That or someone really does not know what Peppa Pig is all about.

Peppa Pig is a animated show for kids about a cute little pig and her life as she grows, learns, and hangs out with her family and friends. It is NOT about a World War II death factory.

It is NOT full of horror. But judging by the looks on these cartoon characters' faces, maybe we missed an episode. Maybe something horrific is being shown!

Perhaps some World War II facts were indeed thrown in to teach kids a history lesson. Or maybe the characters were talking and learning about death or nightmares or fears. But probably not. A fluffier topic was probably being gone over, such as music or birthday parties or friendship or whistling. This is definitely a flop, but at least an attempt was made, in some way, right?

10 When Technology Backfired

Here is one final attempt that was made by technology and one more mishap that happened and was then captured, so that we could all view it now, laugh a bit at it, and learn from it.

There are "smart" versions of everything nowadays. A few years ago, cell phones could not take photos or connect to the Internet, but now, they take notes for us, perform tasks for us, connect us to the world, and more. And other technologies can also help us out, since devices like Alexa do research for us, devices like Kindles browse the web for us, and devices like this fancy refrigerator make lists AND crushed ice for us.

Yes, these new fridges have the ability to listen and to learn from their owners, so they can adjust themselves and even keep track of grocery lists. All that seems neat and futuristic and helpful (for people who are too lazy to write down their own grocery lists), but there is a big problem: It is still a technological device that could malfunction, update at random times, and freeze (haha get it?). And this update happened at a time when some poor soul just wanted a glass of water.

9 When A Joke Fell Flat

At a young age we all learn what 'knock-knock' jokes are, and we get the gist of the rhythm of the jokes, even if we never learn to get the actual comedy down (some of us are just not as funny, and that's okay!). But this person...Geez. Talk about ruining a good thing!

Person number one was trying to tell a knock-knock joke, and person number two kept responding with stupid stuff like "yooo" and "hahaha" and "oooookay." What a punk.

Person number one was even nice enough to stop and explain what a knock-knock joke is and how it goes; person number one gave person number two their line, word for word, and person number two did say "who's there," but then it all went downhill again.

Plus, how rude to just respond with "anywayyyyy." That is code for "Okay, shut up and talk about what I want to talk about now, ya loser."

I don’t know these people at all, but person number one deserves so much better. Hopefully, that was their last conversation. Hopefully, after person number one attempted to tell a nice joke and was shut down in a weird way, Person number one moved on to have more meaningful convos with better people... people who know how jokes work.

8 When Harrison Ford’s Joke Fell Flat

If the previous entry, on person number one's failed knock-knock joke, upset anyone, then get ready to be even more disappointed. This article has covered all types of attempts that were just that: mere attempts. And this example is about a celebrity. Yes, even stars sometimes try and then fail.

Harrison Ford, the great actor known for his roles as Indiana Jones and as Hans Solo in the Star Wars movies, tried to tell Adam Driver a knock-knock joke. At first, this seems cute, since Driver plays Ford's son (Kylo Ren) in the new Stars Wars movies. But when Ford delivered that well-known "knock-knock," Driver simply responded with two words, the wrong words: "Come in."

Sure, they were probably on some talk show together at this point in time, promoting their upcoming work together, and the crowd probably loved it and laughed hysterically. Seeing celebs get told off, in goofy ways for some reason random, is sort of funny to the average person. Especially when the celeb is as big and famous as Ford is. But poor Harrison Ford! I want to know his joke! I will answer properly, Mr. Jones/Solo, sir! I see that attempt, and I would have helped it not be a fail!

7 When Disney Was Outsmarted

Speaking of Star Wars and Harrison Ford... Recently, Disney has been making all these new Star Wars film, which fans are so pumped about. And with new movies, there come new stars, new sets, and new news, such as who will die, who will play these characters, and when can we see them? Superfans go nuts for this stuff. They stalk stars online, they spend hours reading rumours on websites, and they even go to filming locations in real life to try and see their favorite characters or get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes magic.

Disney knows all of this, of course.

Disney has been keeping secrets and hiding behind-the-scenes things for years. But this time, their attempt went wrong; they were outsmarted.

Disney tried to hide the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo's large and famous starship, but it is sort of spotted on Google Maps. As readers can see here, Disney spent hours placing cargo carriers strategically around the ship, but it was seen from above. The big brand thought this was the perfect solution and that no one would ever see it or know about it, but they were definitely outsmarted (by Google and by superfans who are apparently pretty smart)!

6 When Blockbuster Tried To Get Creative

Blockbuster's Twitter account asked people to tweet why they were leaving Netflix, and then three lucky winners would win a one-year subscription to Blockbuster. Now, this sounds like a good idea, and some people probably had good reasons, but were they telling the truth? Could Blockbuster decide who was actually leaving Netflix? Did Blockbuster even care? Even if the three lucky and creative winners won subscriptions to Blockbuster, they may have kept their Netflix subscriptions, too, to get the best of both worlds. Regardless, Blockbuster’s attempt to be better than Netflix was a flop. RIP!

5 When Someone Tried To Win Someone Else's Heart

In today's digital age, people from all over the world can instantly connect, virtually meet, and even start relationships. In fact, many business partners, friends, and even significant others have never even met their partners or friends since they may live on the other side of the world. That's okay, though; they can talk via text, email, Skype, social media, and everything works out. That is except in instances like this.

This conversation shows that someone wanted to see a photo of the person they were talking to. However, when the photo was sent, it was clearly a screenshot from a browser with "latino selfie" typed into the search bar.

And stuff like this happens every day! People set their profile pictures on Facebook to a photo of some model, hoping people will think it's real. Others say they are in a relationship online, though the corresponding photo is heavily Photoshopped. Emails are sent about wiring money or winning the lotto or inheriting cash. And catfishers try to make poor souls think they are hot, sane, rich, and perfect, which is all an attempt... an attempt that ends up just being another crazy fail in some list of crazy attempts.

4 When This Dad Tried To Relate

In this attempt, a dad tried desperately to relate to his child. To do this, fathers may pick up new hobbies, dress in new ways, try new foods, or attempt to talk in "hipster language."

There are several phrases and words that have only come around in recent years; phrases and words that older generations don't really know. But is this how parents think kids really talk? Do many people, on average, really use the words "yo," "chilling," "homey," and "swag"? Based on this kids' responses, they certainly do not talk that way, but the dad still tried. This dad still went out on a limb here and made an attempt to bridge a gap. Did it work? Are they closer? Do they both talk like that now? Probably not...but it is the thought that counts!

And, for all of us, this is another lesson to be learned: Things may not go as planned. Mistakes will be made. People embarrass themselves and mess up and hit speed bumps every single day. But be like this dad; be bold, be willing to make an attempt, and be okay with the outcome, whether it be good or bad. This dad may sound silly, but he's trying.

3 When This Person Just Needed Answers

In another Ask Reddit conversation, @samzhengpro wanted to know the worst state that people had seen public bathrooms in, and they were probably expecting answers about toilet paper being out, hairs being in the sink, smells drifting up everywhere, and liquids being on every surface in every stall. However, the people who answered were either very confused or just trying to be silly, which is common and probable.

Yes, answers included New Jersey, Kansas/Tennessee, and Louisiana. Apparently, those states—those actual places in the United States of America— have gross public restrooms. And getting "state" and "state" mixed up is a normal occurrence, I'd have to say.

But @samzhengpro just wanted real answers! And it is not @samzhengpro’s fault that the states people answered with were the wrong sort of states.

In fact, @samzhengpro made an honest attempt at gathering info and learning from peers. And no, it did not go as planned. But it made for some great humor we can all laugh at and enjoy! And I hope it's okay that we are all getting a kick out of all of these flat attempts, because I have two more funny ones to read and to be entertained by below.

2 When Someone Tried To Cook

The world is made up of a variety of people. Short, tanned, funny, smart, cultured, scared, freckled... There are so many different types of us! And one skill that not everyone has is cooking.

This person got a pressure cooker and may have been excited about preparing a nice meal. A recipe was found, ingredients were bought (that can be seen piled around the danger zone), and everything seemed good to go.

Pressure cookers, like crock pots, allow people to walk away from the kitchen, as the machines do their things and prepare their foods. However, this person should not have walked away. A crash, a bang, a whoosh — it probably sounded like a war was taking place in this kitchen! And when the chef returned—either to check on the dish or to check on what made all of those awful noises—this was the scene.

The pressure cooker fell through the oven. The oven is open and melted. The hood of the oven is bent and destroyed. How would this even happen? Was everything okay? Did they eat the meal? I

1 When A Name Was Misspelled

This roundup will end with one of the most common problems that is seen when it comes to times that there was an attempt.

Many people frequently visit coffee shops. They start their mornings with a sweet drink or get an afternoon pick me up with a hot cup o’ Joe. While at said coffeeshops, baristas ask for customers’ names so that they can call out the correct orders whey they are done.

And, as anyone who has been to a coffee shop or on the Internet knows, baristas do not always understand names.They do not hear things correctly, they do not know how to spell, or they enjoy creating ridiculous spellings that everyone can laugh at online, like here.

Spelling Mark with a "C" would make it "Marc," not "Cark." And there probably are people with that name, but that was wrong in this instance.

Like many of the other posts in this article, though; there was an attempt. A sad and strange attempt at hearing a name, spelling a name, and then calling out a name.

Just imagine “Cark” being called out in the coffee shop and poor Mark having to slowly realize… "Oh, that’s me." How hilariously upsetting.

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