20 Sad Attempts At Modding Minivans

The minivan is slowly, but surely disappearing from the roads. We're definitely not complaining! Soccer moms are moving on to SUVs and big, spacious trucks. Those who have to do some driving in the city are now opting for smaller cars for ease of driving and convenience. And for all the rest, people are choosing trucks and sedans.

However, it seems some people won't let the humble minivan die in peace. With plenty of used and abused examples about, it's easy to find a cheap one to modify and use as a personalized runabout. While we certainly love a nicely modified vehicle, there seems to be more odd and weird modded minivans out there than anything else.

Let's just jump right in and take a look at 20 sad attempts at minivan modifications.

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20 Welcome To The Dark Side

via Vanagonhacks

So, apparently, some guy in Poland has tried to recreate the Japanese trend of van styling. After doing some work on the front he seems to have chickened out and decided not to fit the massive wings. This thing looks bad though, and not in a good way. It's like Batman on a very low budget.

19 Old New Van

via Pinterest

While we have seen some cool sportscars wrapped in vinyl to resemble old, rusted racecars with faded liveries, this one isn't quite at the same level. The wrap actually looks really good, we're just not sure why anyone would want their van to look like an old pile of rust? Surely that can't be good for business?

18 Miserable General Lee

via Imgur

Remember General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard? Well, this is far from being that car. Other than the color and the fact that it says 'General Lee' on the side of the van, there's practically nothing that implies this is some half-baked tribute to the same car. Judging by the bodywork, it's being driven the same way as the car in the show though.

17 Bat Van

via Pinterest

Obviously, this Bat van is a Japanese creation. The bat-theme really does extend over every single inch of this van, with those being some of the wildest wings we've ever seen. The owner probably has to calculate alternative routes to some of his destinations as there is no way those wings can clear small Japanese bridges and underpasses!

16 Astroghini

via MLive

The Discovery Channel’s Ultimate Car Build-Off pitted two shops against one another in the contest to build an “innovative vehicle” and win one hundred grand. This custom Chevy, known as the Astroghini, was built for the TV show by Hollywood Hot Rods, and judging by its looks we’re all better off with that show being canceled.

15 Toaster Van

via Pinterest

We really hope this is supposed to be a rolling billboard for some business, otherwise, it's just too weird. The best part of this rolling toaster? Look at the “cord” and the plug that nestles between the car and the modified bumper guard. That's dedication! Now all we need is a bacon van, egg truck, and beans bus, and then breakfast will be served.

14 Shaq's Chevy

via Pinterest

This van makes us question Shaq's taste and sense of vehicular fashion. While the exterior doesn't look too bad - aside from the rims and the Superman emblem - it's on the inside things turn really ugly. The interior is by Louis Vuitton, and while they do make some nice bags, this interior is, quite frankly, vomit-inducing.

13 Hippie Previa

via Instructables

This Toyota Previa seems to have replaced someone's VW Bus that finally packed it in. It's got all the hippie tell-tale signs; a rainbow, some weird plants... really just a bunch of obscure psychedelic "art" that's equal parts confusing and ugly. Now we miss the old VW buses, at least they had some charm to them.

12 Converti-Van

via Best Cars Mag

We can all agree that this thing is the perfect vehicle for those who need a spacious vehicle, yet want to feel the wind blow in their hair. As an added bonus, it can probably be used as a pool on hot summer days. Never mind the body twisting and flexing when driving, some sacrifices have to be made in order to achieve this level of coolness.

11 Stretch Van

via Reddit

We're not sure if they stretched their minivan so it would appear more luxurious, you know, like a stretched limo. In which case they failed! Or perhaps it was done because they needed a car that offered more space? If so, they would probably be better off by buying a different car to begin with.

10 Hippo-Van

via Pinterest

What in the name of all that is holy...?! We're at a loss for words, there's just so much hideousness and impracticality wrapped into this vehicle, we wouldn't have believed it if we didn't see it with our own eyes. Speaking of eyes, those massive hippo eyes must be blocking the view quite a bit? And how does the hood open?

9 Stanced Multipla

via Pinterest

The original Multipla from the 60s was a quirky little six-seater based on the Fiat 600. This later version has the looks of a psychotic cartoon duck and no matter how it's modified the end result won't be pretty. As a consolation, it was voted Top Gear Car Of The Year in 2000.

8 The Miniest Of Vans

via PJstar

We're pretty sure you won't ever find a smaller van than this, but we're not so sure it's worth the $1000 asking price. Then again, whoever buys it does get the bragging rights of driving the miniest of vans we've ever seen... and that has to be worth something, right?

7 Dragon Van

via Van Clan

All the wings, horns, and whatnot makes this Japanese van resemble a dragon... and not in a good way. The one thing that puzzles us the most, however, is how do they open that sliding door? With the wheel arch extensions and other protruding bodywork the door now seems to be useless?

6 Safari Donk

via Pinterest

The Chevrolet Astro and GMC Safari were actually really cool vans, and very popular amongst the modders out there. This one, however, is pretty much as far from cool as it's possible to get. Very few vehicles look good when they're all donked up, and this van with its rusty body certainly isn't one of them.

5 The Red Shoe Van

via Flickr

This has got to be one of the most bizarre creations we've seen in a while! We get that it's used to advertise the shoe repair shop it's parked in front of, but common, there has to be a better way of doing that?! We can imagine the kids are ecstatic when they're dropped off at school in this thing.

4 Race Van

via Track Forum

The most impressive thing about this abomination is the number of sponsors it's got. Even if they just chipped in with a couple of dollars each, that's still enough to buy several minivans just like it - talk about a great deal! Then again, he did have to race this steaming pile of misery, so he most certainly deserved to get paid.

3 Wood Cube

via Pinterest

The Nissan Cube was never a beautiful car, and we don't think this retro woody look is doing it any favors. The chrome wheels are downright tiny, the whitewall tires look out of place on a modern car, and the fake wood just looks weird. We'll pass on this one, thanks.

2 Stanced Odessey

via Speedhunters

Stanced minivan - because who doesn't want their family to be less safe when driving?! Gotta give the owner props for going with a set of custom made coil overs rather than air suspension though. But honestly, this is just useless crap. The excessive camber is downright dangerous, and the handling is ruined.

1 Dodge Caravan

via Flickr

This is what you end up with when you really dream of a riced up Civic, but you only have an old Dodge Caravan that was handed down to you by your parents. The bumper looks like something Wings West used to make in the early 2000s, there's the mesh that's been screwed onto the grille, and then there's the homemade hood "scoop". So much awesomeness!

Sources: Jalopnik, Autoweek, Car Throttle

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