17 Attractive Mugshot Photos The Cops Don’t Want Us To See

The mugshot started in the mid-1800s over in Belgium and would later make its way to the US. Clearly, the goal is to identify a criminal. It is a dark moment for most and we can argue it can also be considered the worst day of anyone’s life. Take a look at most mugshots and that’s usually the sentiment we get, no matter what the charge.

In this article, however, things appear to be a little different. Suddenly, jail doesn’t look that bad and in fact, some might commit an offense just to get close to some of the people on this list! We’ll feature some of the most flattering and attractive mugshots of all-time while also detailing the reasons for the arrests.

Enjoy the article folks, let’s get started!

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17 Dangerous Behind The Wheel

via Pinterest

She’s even posing like a model in the picture above! Perhaps Orange Is The New Black should look into casting this beauty. She developed quite the fanbase with this mugshot photo alone.

Don’t be fooled though, she has a dark side getting taken into custody for reckless driving. Don’t follow her too closely on the road!

16 Miss El Paso

via Pinterest

A former Miss El Paso also makes the list. This mugshot seems like something out of the series Queen of the South. However, instead of running her own group, this lovely gal was taken in for shoplifting according to TFLN.

Such a shame, she should have just asked the person in the front if she could have taken the items for free... they probably would have obliged...

15 Big Brother

via E Online

Some faces might look familiar. Big Brother fans are shaking their heads at this one in disbelief.

The fitness fanatic Christmas was arrested according to Global News back in late 2018. Outside of a gym ironically, she threw a cup of coffee at a woman believed to be causing problems in her relationship. She deemed the woman as a homewrecker.

14 Twitter Warrior

via Pinterest

This person was so impressed by her mugshot that she decided to post it online via her Twitter account...

Okay, we can agree, it is a good looking mugshot but to post it up for the world to see... yikes, that’s a little weird and a big-time no-no. Once she gets a little wiser, she’ll pull that post down... or put it as her profile picture... either-or.

13 Not So Sweet Sarah

via Twitter

By the looks of it, we would trust this gal with our car and maybe more.

However, there’s more to this dangerous diva. Sarah Seawright’s charges are really no laughing matter despite the flattering mugshot, she was sentenced for armed robbery along with other serious charges as well. Yikes, stay away from this beauty!

12 Blonde Bombshell

via Pinterest

Not only is this beauty visually stunning but she’s even pulling a gentle smile. Most mugshots are of the serious nature and in fact, cops even demand that the person keeps a serious face and demeanor during the process.

This person decided to stay true to themselves, smiling for the camera and at the same time, entering our hearts.

11 Parole Breaker

via Pinterest

Her felony wasn’t as bad as some of the others but still a significant rule you don’t want to break. This brunette was taken in for breaking her parole, so basically, there’s another mugshot out there!?

Who really knows but what we’ll say is this mugshot is definitely among the elite in more ways than one.

10 Lohan’s Mugshot

via Pinterest

We could have an article alone on Lohan mugshots and ranked them. In truth, some are a lot more flattering than the others. The one above is one of her better mugshots looking like a fine-looking doll.

The opposite however also looks true for some of the others... Among her past arrests included getting into a brawl with a clubgoer, according to E Online.

9 Hill’s Holding

via Pinterest

Those captivating blue eyes can take us away and that overall look just screams out model material. Unfortunately, Gabrielle Hill had to deal with something else on the day, getting arrested for possession.

The charge really wasn’t what made the headlines ultimately, instead, everyone couldn’t stop talking about how much of a beauty she is, despite the circumstances.

8 Problematic Behind The Wheel

via Pinterest

Again, it isn’t as serious as armed robbery, however, this gal ended up in the wrong part of town following a DUI charge. We’ve seen so many others suffer from a similar misfortune.

Whether it be celebs or athletes, this is a charge we see regularly. This beauty definitely lands on the side of the better looking DUI drivers – though that doesn’t excuse the act in the slightest.

7 Million Dollar Smile

via Pinterest

This person gets the award for the best smile on the list. That look can give life to any type of room – heck even the cop taking the picture might’ve been at least a little impressed.

Quite puzzling to see such a smile during a mugshot, perhaps those instincts kicked in and she just felt the need to pull a big one.

6 Gentle Posing

via Pinterest

We can argue this female kind of looks like a delicate angel – hilariously enough, that isn’t the case as she’s posing for a mugshot and in truth, a pretty darn good one.

We really can’t find any flaws with this brunette aside from the fact that she did something wrong and ended up taking this photo...

5 Delicate Shoplifter

via Pinterest

She has that innocent look like she just doesn’t belong in the setting. The young shoplifter was taken in at the tender age of 18.

Surely, a mistake she won’t forget and one that likely has everything to do with her immaturity level. Let’s hope the punishment is enough to cause a change.

4 Can’t Stay Out Of Trouble

via Pinterest

Like Lohan, this gal has more than a couple of mugshots. To her credit, at the very least she’s like pretty darn lovely in most of them.

Whoever took the picture likely isn’t opposed to better-looking criminals like this gal. Let’s hope she cleaned up her act – she deserves better than these conditions.

3 DUI Smile

via Pinterest

She has the look on her face of someone that knows things could have gone differently and that she clearly messed up.

That’s usually the case for those that suffer from a DUI charge, once they get back to life and reality hits, the realization is not a pretty one, even if it looks this good.

2 Jeremy Meeks

via Pinterest

He went absolutely viral via Facebook following his arrest in 2014. The model found himself in hot water for his illegal ways as a gang member. However, that’s not the reason for all the exposure.

The mugshot had all the people talking, guys wanted to be like him while the rest absolutely adored Meeks' photo. It is still considered the best looking mugshot out there. Ex-wife Chloe Green might disagree - the two recently separated.

1 Mirella Ponce

via Daily Mail

Perhaps one of the best looking gang members on the planet, Mirella Ponce had everyone talking. What was intriguing along with her look is the fact that she was a higher up in a gang and basically arrested for carrying a firearm.

She got more exposure than she would have liked from the story but hey, maybe it’ll lead to a Netflix special based on her character...

Sources - Twitter & Daily Mail

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