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Duck Dynasty: 20 Things A&E Tried To Bury

04Duck Dynasty. Just reading those words inspires ideas of camouflage patterned pants and duck callers tucked into a plethora of pockets. Thinking about the content of the show, it isn’t something tha...


90 Day Fiancé: 20 Things TLC Tried To Bury

90 Day Fiancé has had quite a life. From 2014, which was the initial release date according to IMDb, all the way to now, the show has had both loyal viewers and passing interest. The numbers have been...


11 Of The Fakest A&E Shows (9 That Are All Too Real)

A&E is like so many other TV channels: a mix of home-brew broadcasting as well as a smattering of shows or series that they’ve picked up from other places. While they do send out certain shows, li...


20 Pimp My Ride Secrets MTV Wishes They Could Bury

MTV's Pimp My Ride was a cultural phenomenon that shook many of us out of our otherwise-ho-hum TV watching. From the premiere of the show, with Xzibit's first "yo dawg", many of us now-late-millennial...

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