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20 Drawings That Won't Be Framed Anytime Soon

For those artists among us, it’s clear that talent isn’t the only thing needed to make a great work of art. Crafting skill is just as important as embracing and nurturing someone’s raw talent. It’s no...


It's Called Fashion, Look It Up (20 Photos)

Fashion: it’s an ever-changing cycle that affects all of us in different ways. While some of us thrive with contemporary, experimental fashion, others prefer the jeans-and-a-shirt look. The nice thing...


21 People Who Set The Fashion Bar *Low*

No matter what our style is, we can find a store that will cater to it. Want to wear cat-themed everything? The internet’s got it. What about cheap Halloween costumes in the middle of August? Believe ...


16 People Whose Contouring Got Out Of Hand

Contouring: It’s like magic, and very few people are able to do it right the first time. Like all the spells in Harry Potter, you need to practice it in order to get good. While some people are Hermio...

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