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15 Memes That Can't Get More Millennial


We're entitled narcissists. We're lazy. We can't make commitments. We're addicted to our phones. We're overly sensitive. We're too politically correct. We're generally a larger burden on society than ...

15 Memes That Challenge Our Childhood Innocence


There's no doubt that our childhoods weren't as bright and shiny as we thought. We were all pretty shielded by our own ignorance. And even the things that didn't have a darker underbelly—that we now k...

15 New 'Avengers' Memes


If anyone's an Avengers fan there's no doubt that they've seen the new trailer that premiered during the Super Bowl for Avengers Infinity War. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if people watched the ga...

15 People Who Take 'Lonely' To A Whole New Level


With Valentine's Day looming over us like the dark wings of the Angel of Death, it's difficult not to curl up in a ball and cry. That's right, it's definitely one of the loneliest times of the year. A...

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