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10 Genius Ways To Create Storage In Your Dorm

School season is upon us! If you’re going away to university for the first time, then chances are you’ll be moving into a dorm in a matter of weeks. From always being surrounded to fellow students to ...


10 Hacks For The Beauty Guru On A Budget

Who doesn’t want to be the next James Charles or Tati Westbrook? If you’re a fan of the YouTube beauty community, then you know how many different makeup brands and products exist. It feels like beaut...


10 Ways To Add Storage To A Small Bathroom

If you’ve ever lived in a small space, then you’ve likely had to deal with the struggle of having a small bathroom. And, even if you’re home isn’t particularly small, it’s likely you’ve still faced th...


10 Clever Ways To Use Your Single Socks

No one knows where they go or why it happens, but somehow socks always magically disappear. In the end, you’re often left with one sock and its matching pair missing. How are you supposed to wear the ...


10 Crafty Uses For Your Old Wine Bottles

If you’re like us, then you never need an excuse to enjoy a bottle of wine. Simply getting through the day is reason enough! But it can sometimes seem wasteful to continually throw out your old wine bottles, even if you do recycle.


10 DIY Storage Solutions For Cramped Apartments

Moving into a tiny space can seem like a challenge–and that’s because it is! It can be difficult finding space for all of your possessions and organizing them in a way that’s easy to access and find.


10 Easy DIY Hacks To Declutter Your Home

If you’re anything like me, then cleaning is the bane of your existence. It seems like a full-time job trying to keep a household neat and tidy, even if you only live by yourself. That’s why ensuring ...

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