Articles by Amanda Ferris


20 Pics Of People Having A Terrible Time At Parties

There are some folks—usually extroverts—that love going to parties and wind up being the life of the shindig and keep the other party-goers clutching their sides from laughter or urge everyone to strut their stuff out on the dance floor.


15 Posts These Moms Might Live To Regret

One downside of using the various social media websites to stay in touch with friends and family is that it is very easy for someone to post something so ludicrous that they wind up making a complete fool of themselves for all the world to see.


20 Things Doctors Choose Not To Tell Unmarried Moms

Moms who aren’t married and are choosing to fly solo already know that they’re going to have a bit of a rollercoaster ride, especially when their little one gets older and starts asking questions about their biological father.