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10 Food Puzzle Toys Every Dog Needs In Their Life

Enrolling one’s pet in basic obedience classes or dog sports is a good way to exercise both their body and mind, but owners can’t be home all day, every day simply trying to keep their pup stimulated.


10 Lions Who Still Believe "If I Fits, I Sits"

Domesticated house cats are notorious online for living by the rule of “If I fits, I sits” and lying down in some truly weird places. From the bathroom sink to a cardboard box, regular cats have a kna...


10 Ways Your Dog Is Trying To Communicate With You

Before I adopted my younger dog Zoe the Sato, I didn’t really know much about dog training or how to read canine body language. Sure, I had my older dog Esme the Bichon Frise, but I didn’t really do m...


Humble? What's That? (21 Posts)

One thing I’ve noticed in all the years of being on social media is that there’s a lot of people that like to brag or are, in general, full of themselves. I personally feel it's human nature to brag a...


15 Facepalm Moments In Season 6 Of 'Arrow'

I had high hopes for Arrow season six, especially when I heard that Katie Cassidy was going to return as Earth-2 Laurel Lance/Black Siren as a series regular. Laurel has always been one of my favorite...


24 Prom Couples Who Are A Match Made In Hades

When I was a teenager, my high school was brand spanking new and it was literally in an apartment building. My class was the largest at the time, and if I remember correctly, there was only about 30 k...


20 Hilarious Pets Who Are An Embarrassment To Their Owners

I am pretty sure that all pets, no matter whether they are mammals, amphibians, lizards or avian, have a secret pact to troll the living daylights out of their owner and they secretly share the results amongst themselves so they can all laugh.


Marvel VS DC: 20 Hilarious Clapbacks From Fans

As any loyal comic book fan will tell you, fans of Marvel Comics and fans of DC Comics are locked in an eternal battle over which one is better. The two fandoms always seem like they are constantly at...


25 Hilarious Reactions To 'Avengers: Infinity War'

I’m used to sad movies. I cried when I first saw Titanic and Rose whispered the hilarious yet iconic line “I’ll never let go, Jack” before sending the supposed love of her life’s frozen body down to t...

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