Articles by Amanda Ferris


When You See It... (Animal Edition)

Okay, scout’s honor — this round up of photos does NOT include any “screamers” or pictures that are more than likely to make one’s hair stand on edge from fright. After all, who wants to deal with the...


20 Fresh DC Universe Memes That Made Us Cackle

The tireless meme makers that can come up with comedy gold about even the most disliked parts of the Arrowverse or the DCEU, without reusing the same tired and stale jokes, are to be admired. Not only...


We Commend These 16 Kids For Their Bravery

It’s not just dogs that benefit from positive reinforcement — humans do too, especially children. I mean come on, let’s look back on our own childhoods and our own personal experiences: who among us d...


20 Employees Who Have Mastered The Art Of Snark

Working in an office comes with unexpected challenges — technology messing up at the most inopportune moment with no ETA about the fix in sight or annoying co-workers that LOVE to disregard the rules ...


22 Confident People Who Were Begging To Be Trolled

There’s nothing better or more satisfying than watching trolls take down overly confident people on the Internet. We all have that ONE annoying friend that constantly floods our social media feeds wit...


16 Haircuts That Gave Us Uncontrollable LOLs

We’ve all had major lapses in judgment when it comes to getting our haircut and styled. When I was a kid, I proudly rocked a bob that went a little past my ears and bangs. Nowadays, whenever I see my ...

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