Articles by Amanda Ferris


20 People Who Noticed Things We Can't Ignore

The Internet has sharp eyes and they don’t miss a trick or an opportunity to troll. People have learned the hard way not to post photos and ask stupid questions, lest the Internet point out something ...


We're Glad It's Not Us (15 Photos)

I grew up in the ‘90s and I am devoutly glad that all of the embarrassing photos that I took as a dumb kid are all physical photos that I could hide. There’s one picture from Halloween where my child ...


'Reylo' Is Toxic: Here's 15 Reasons Why

Ever since storytelling was invented, there have been dozens of tales about the hero character falling in love with the villainous character. From The Phantom of the Opera to Beauty and Beast, there a...


15 Savage Burns That Came Straight From Left Field

It often seems as if the Internet is run by all those that have a quick wit and love nothing more than to come up with hilariously savage retorts on social media websites such as Instagram or Twitter....


15 Ruthless People Whose Savagery Knows No Bounds

Nowadays it seems like everyone on social media attempts to be hilarious and quirky. With some people, it comes off as them trying too hard to be cutesy and quippy, but with others, it is as if social...

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