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15 Disney Characters Rumored To Be LGBTQ


Last March, Disney revealed its first openly LGBTQ character through Josh Gad's portrayal of Le Fou. Although this Beauty and the Beast remake is the first time a queer character has been confirmed, f...

15 Unbelievable Gym Teacher Confessions

Daily Things

Gym teachers have to deal with a lot of BS on a daily basis. When you're working in a high school setting, you can't escape that. Luckily, the meaningful moments make their job worth it but hoo, boy.....

15 Cringeworthy Dating Confessions


The entertainment of Whisper works on a similar pretense as why people in the 80's and 90's watched America's Funniest Home Videos, or why Romans were so fond of their Colosseum. Some people just real...

15 Horrifying Ghost Stories from Around the World


Humans all around the globe have dealt with the same basic fear for centuries: what happens to us when we die, and do restless spirits still roam the Earth after their demise? Most cultures have token...

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