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20 TV Stars Who Were Suddenly Fired During Filming

Getting fired from a job isn’t fun for anyone, but it can be the difference between having a career and having no career at all when you’re an actor. When actors are given the boot from successful TV ...


20 Cursed Movie Franchises Too Creepy To Ignore

Some scary movies are actually quite a fun set to work on. All the actors and crew know the tension of what they’re creating, so the actual sets are relaxed, enjoyable environments, to help take the e...


20 Things That Actually Happened On Jersey Shore

When Jersey Shore first aired in 2009 on MTV, it was with a gleeful kind of abandon that accompanies so many reality shows, particularly those of the silly variety in which the decade specialized. Loo...


My Strange Addiction: 15 Secrets TLC Tried To Bury

For a network called “The Learning Channel”, TLC has since become a bit of a cesspool when it comes to reality TV. There are shows about child beauty pageants, controlling stage parents, Amish fishes-...


20 Green-Screen Photos That Ruin These Movies

As technology advances, we’ve come to expect a fair amount of CGI and special effects in films. If any movie is an action or fantasy, more often than not there’ll be some CGI used. This can be a good ...

Pop Culture

20 Actors Who Were Total Jerks On Set

Finding fame in Hollywood can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how it’s handled. Some actors become recluses and prefer to keep their personal lives private. Others get a bit of a God comp...

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