Articles by Ashlie Frank


15 of the Most Attractive Mugshots Ever

"Photogenic," "beautiful," and "attractive" are not generally words that come to mind when one thinks of anything involving a criminal – especially when it comes to mugshots. These 15 women and men ma...

Shrek Wedding

19 Of The Worst DIY Wedding Fails

Weddings are an incredibly exciting event for all involved, but they can also be tricky to navigate if you are on a budget. Whether you're concerned about budgeting for a wedding or simply want to put...


20 Of The Most Adorable Simians Ever

Did you have a long week? Or perhaps just feeling down? Well, we have just the thing to lift your spirits. Get ready for a large dose of monkey business! Whether these little critters are dressing up,...

Pug with gold chain and hat

15 Times "Pug Life" Was a Real Thing

When you think of a thug, crook, tough guy, robber, hoodlum, hitman, or boss, do Pugs come to mind? If your answer is "no", you are are bound to change your way of thinking after seeing the fifteen pugs below, because they are living the "pug life."