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24 People So Roasted, They Came Out Overcooked


Roasts are a pretty big thing in the comedy world. While we definitely know that famous people get roasted all the time, from funny actors to singers, some might not have known that there's a place on...

Potterheads Who Refuse To Grow Up


It's hard to think of a franchise that is more popular and beloved than Harry Potter. Chances are, we all read the books as kids and continue to reread them every now and then, and, of course, we've s...

15 Clueless People Who Totally Killed The Mood


Texting is one of the best things that has happened to modern dating, right? We can keep constant contact with the person we have a crush on, and once we make things official and are in a relationship...

Whisper: 15 Confessors Who Ghosted Their BFFs


Ghosting. It's a word that instills a lot of fear in anyone that is currently single and dating. They never know if the person they had a great first date with is going to totally ignore them or if th...

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