Articles by Breanna Richey


20 Ridiculous Twilight Myths We're Still Talking About

After the novels by Stephanie Meyer became extremely popular, the movies were soon created. The second movie, New Moon, was highly anticipated and even broke box office records as the biggest midnight screening and opening day at the time.


Harry Potter: 20 Rare Behind The Scenes Photos

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was the first novel released in 1997, although the first movie wasn’t made until 2001. Due to the books being extremely popular, the movies were an immediate s...


Vampire Diairies: 20 Facts About Elena's Anatomy

The Vampire Diaries is originally a book series by L.J. Smith that became even more popular once it was made into a TV series. While it was originally based on the book series, the show slowly introdu...


15 Little-Revealing Facts About Emilia Clarke

Although Emilia Clarke had backup jobs that included being a singer, an architect, or a graphic designer, Game of Thrones fans are relieved that Emilia didn’t need to act on any of those. She has been...

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