Articles by Brandi Amara Skyy

15 People Who Put Humanity In Trouble


Humans have a tendency to believe that we are the smartest things on the planet, mostly because we are on top of the food chain, have brains that are way more complex than any other mammal, we can tal...

15 Celebs Who Openly Hated The Kardashians

Pop Culture

You can’t turn on the TV, open up a magazine or a news tab without something popping up about the Kardashians. And if the fan love is real, so is the hate. Because there’s really no middle ground when...

15 Reasons Why 'Game of Thrones' Is The Worst


We know we’re about to receive a lot of hate mail because of this list, but hear us out. We get it. We understand. Everyone LOVES Game of Thrones. GoT has broken records left and right. It's HBO’s mos...

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