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22 People Who Absolutely Did *Not* Meet A Celebrity

It’s exciting to run into someone famous. Anyone who has seen in person someone they look up to onscreen might get star struck. It’s hard to know what to say to an idol. These people are way cool and ...


20 Students Who Had The Ultimate School Experience

School is school, right? Everyone who has been there knows what it’s like and, while the times change, some school experiences never will. Anyone who looks back on their high school days will have cer...


15 Actors Who Have Left Hollywood Behind

Making it big in Hollywood is a dream come true for anyone with acting aspirations, right? Of course it is! Who wouldn’t want fame and fortune and everything that comes with it. But being successful i...


21 Bad Roommate Posts That Would Bother Anyone

Roommates. We’ve all had them at some point in our lives. Whether it was an annoying little brother, a strange fellow college student, a friend we thought we knew or our spouse who tricked us into mar...


20 Adorable Times Animals Got A Little Too Friendly

We’re all better people because of the animals in our lives. They’re surprising and they can pop up when we least expect them. When you pair a cute animal with the perfect moment, they can get a littl...

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