Articles by Cory Barclay

Ranking Goku's 20 Most Useless Abilities


While Goku might be Earth’s greatest warrior in the Dragon Ball universe, he is not without his faults. To many people, he is too goodie-goodie and nice. His “good heart” can be eye-roll-inducing at t...

10 Games Batman Ruined (And 10 He Saved)


There are literally dozens of games featuring Batman out there, ever since 1986 when the first Batman game was released. The Caped Crusader has had a tumultuous relationship with video game consoles o...

18 Disturbing Attempts At Creating Homemade Toys


Toys are some of the most enduring items around—all kids have to have them, but, past a certain point, they almost always end up sitting in a drawer or storage for years, gathering dust. And yet, toys...

15 Times Top Gear Went Way Too Far

Cars And Trucks

During its 23-series run, Top Gear had crazy highs and some extreme lows. It was the most popular television show on the planet for years, and its three presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, a...

18 Most Stunning Women On Car TV Shows

Cars And Trucks

Reality TV shows centered around cars are hotter than ever, and so are the women who work on them. Whether it’s focusing on restoring classics, flipping resurrected vehicles, auctioning, toting automo...

Debunking 18 Myths About Truck Drivers

Cars And Trucks

8There are plenty of terrible rumors and misconceptions about long haul and commercial truck drivers out there that deserve to be debunked. As if truck drivers didn’t already have a tough enough job, ...

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