Articles by Christopher Hodges

15 Game Of Thrones Logic Comics That Are Too Real


We know what you're thinking: Are we really going to pick apart the "logic" of a TV show about dragons, magic, and undead creatures? Yes, yes we are... but it's all in good fun, of course. This list i...

20 Xbox Decisions Microsoft Should Apologize For


Microsoft is one of those companies that people seem to both love to hate and hate to love. The latter especially came into play when the company entered the video game console market and proved that ...

20 Abandoned Game Designs Better Than What We Got


Video games go through a lot of changes from conception to release, including many that we never even know about. It makes sense that games can't always come to store shelves in the exact form that wa...

20 PS1 Secrets Only Real Fans Know About


Those of us that can clearly remember when the PS1 first launched are feeling positively ancient now that talk of the PlayStation 5 is in full swing. What do we do when we start feeling old? Regaling ...