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15 Strange 'Whisper' Confessions From Gamers

Gamers have a bit of a bad reputation, and are often thought of as being nerdy or weird, which is an awful stereotype; one which I know firsthand to not be true (because I'm engaged to a guy who plays...

Pop Culture

15 Celebs Who Mixed Business With Pleasure

Being a celebrity comes with it's own set of problems, and one of those problems includes struggling to maintain a relationship. The constant pressure of living life in the public eye is no joke, and ...

Pop Culture

15 Celebs Accused Of Being "Gold Diggers"

Some people marry for comfort or companionship, some marry for love, and then others marry for money. And while I don't think any of the celebs on this list (barring maybe one) married for financial g...


15 Celeb Tattoos They Probably Aren't Proud Of

Tattoos are permanent. Well, unless someone want to go through a lot of really expensive laser treatments or painful coverups. But that hasn't stopped celebs from getting some of the most hideous, ill-thought out tattoos that we've ever seen.

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