Articles by Chris Littlechild

15 Real Life Mean Girls Who Are Unnecessarily Sassy


You know, we just don’t get enough opportunities to sass in our everyday lives. We've got to take great care if we try being sassy with our parents, our friends, our partner, or our boss. Granted, all...

20 People With Hair-riffic Hairstyles


It’s a sad thing, but so many of us these days are all about appearances. If someone's ever been set up on a blind date, they’ll know the ultimate fear: the other person will take one look at them and...

15 Twitter Users Who Live-Tweeted Their Fails


Like just about everybody else in the entire universe, I can’t imagine my life without social media. It’s just become such an integral part of our lives. Whether we’re checking Facebook during our mor...

15 Savage Kids Who Spat Out Some Mad Truths


You know, parenthood is a funny thing. Before someone owned one of these new-fangled ‘child’ things themselves, they should probably watch other parents and judge them a little. They’d think to themse...

15 People Who Need To Stop With Their Lies


Now, we all love the Internet. Of course we do. In a world that’s gone to heck in all kinds of new and exciting ways, the Internet is our escape; our constant companion. However terrible a day we’ve h...

15 Hysterical Times Ed Sheeran Won Twitter


Ed Sheeran is a man who needs no introduction. From humble beginnings, he’s had a meteoric rise to fame. It’s like darn Slumdog Millionaire up in here, only with more ginger hair and love songs. This ...

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