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Pop Culture

17 Rules Every UFC Employee Has To Follow

The UFC is all about big names and tough men and women. It seems like it’s a sport of individuality and larger-than-life characters, but when you look behind the scenes, you start to notice that there...

Pop Culture

19 Pics Of Rednecks...Doing Redneck Things

Rednecks usually get a bad rep as being dumb and uneducated, but it’s a reputation that is often misguided. Many of them might lack formal education, but they more than make up for it with ingenious i...

Pop Culture

17 Unsettling Facts About Eminem

Marshall Mathers III, known everywhere as Eminem, has had a whirlwind of a life. He’s married and then divorced the same woman twice, rapped about throwing her body in his trunk, starred in a fictiona...

Pop Culture

20 Pics Steve Irwin Would Want Us To Forget

Steve Irwin was one of the most legendary people of all time. He inspired countless youths in the ‘90s and ‘00s to pursue wildlife conservation, and he brought a love for animals to the mainstream. He...

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