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20 Strange Photos People Took At Toys R Us

Toys ‘R’ Us stores were strange. Whether it was the endless aisle of toys, Geoffrey the giraffe mascot or displays put up throughout the entire store, the vibes there were unlike any other.


20 Toys From The ‘80s That Are Illegal Today

The 1980s in America marked the Reagan Revolution, Madonna living in a material world, spandex and dangerous toys. While the era produced its share of safe and popular toys, from Care Bears to Transfo...


19 Toys From The ‘90s That Are Illegal Today

Parents let their kids play with anything back in the ‘90s. Toys that could cause injuries, expose them to offensive language or even share similarities with underground gambling. Yup, this was what kids in the ‘90s did to pass the time.


20 Crazy Game Consoles We Didn’t Even Know Existed

Consoles birthed video games. While the way to play games has changed over the years, from arcades to computers to smartphones, gaming systems you plug into the TV were there from the beginning and still exist today.


20 Video Games Eminem Sucks At (Probably)

Eminem may be a Grammy Award winner and the seventh richest rapper in 2019, but his taste in video games is elementary (Wealthy Gorilla). He doesn’t care much for shoot ‘em ups, ones with puzzles or R...

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