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Dragon Ball: 19 Disturbing Facts About Videl

Dragon Ball is a series that is full of truly unforgettable and unique characters, both of the powerful and ordinary variety. In a franchise that’s spanned hundreds of episodes, it’s not unusual to ha...


20 Weird Facts About Mickey Mouse’s Anatomy

For nearly a century, Mickey Mouse has been entertaining audiences and acting as the dominant mascot for the Walt Disney Company. Mickey Mouse has undoubtedly come a long way from his inception and ev...


20 Mario Maker Level Codes You Need To Try

Video games have always largely been seen as a piece of media that the gaming community is able to enjoy as a whole. They’re great instruments of creativity and skill from development and production t...


19 Things About Sailor Moon Everyone Gets Wrong

The popular and mainstream appeal of anime has simply skyrocketed over the past decades, but it’s slowly grown from a niche area to a form of animation where there are several streaming services that ...


20 Avengers Everyone Forgets Started As Villains

One of the most interesting things about the ongoing lifespan of comic book continuity is that there’s a very fluid nature between the heroes and the villains. Admittedly, some characters never change...


20 Nintendo Controllers That Make No Sense

Whether you’re a major fan of Nintendo or not, it’s hard to deny that they’ve been a major innovator in the video game industry. Not only has Nintendo been at the forefront of the console war since th...


20 Game Characters Sony Refuses To Use Anymore

Ever since Sony joined the hardware market with the PlayStation, they’ve not only been an integral competitor in the video game industry, but they’ve also helped change it through their hardware and g...


19 Terrifying Images Of Ronald McDonald

A long time ago it was decided that clowns were supposed to be cheerful characters associated with joy and laughter. They're characters that are supposed to make things better. However, over the years...


20 Video Game Easter Eggs That Went Nowhere

Video games can often be endless sources of entertainment, but a lot of the time they're also the final product after hundreds of hours of work from entire teams of individuals. Accordingly, it's very...


20 Games That Were Cancelled For Crazy Reasons

It's always a major blow when a video game gets unexpectedly cancelled and doesn't get to see a release. This is often a major upset for audiences, but that's to say nothing of the many people that pu...


20 Adult Jokes Kids Missed In Nintendo Games

Nintendo has done well to gain the reputation of a fairly family friendly company and even though more mature titles will get released on Nintendo consoles, they tend to skew in the opposite direction...


19 Games That Ticked Off Parents The Most

Nearly for as long as people have been playing video games, there have been just as many people that disapprove of or look down on the act of electronic gaming. It’s absolutely unbelievable how much t...

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