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15 Cringeworthy Prom Horror Stories

We’ve all heard the disastrous stories that prom can bring about. Whether it’s missing a hair appointment, not getting the right dress, or the ever-unfortunate scenario of showing up in the same dress...


15 Epic Selfies Taken With Animals

People will do practically anything to get an epic selfie to post on social media. From taking millions of them to jumping out of planes, there’s nothing that hasn’t been done in the name of creative ...


15 Memes That Describe Sriracha Lovers

Sriracha sauce is extremely versatile, allowing it to be enjoyed on many different foods, at any time of the day. To add an extra kick to breakfast, try dribbling a few drops on scrambled eggs. Hambur...


20 Celebs Who Were Having Bad Hair Days

Taming a wild head of hair is a daily chore many of us are all-too-familiar with. While we’re used to seeing celebrities looking their fiercest at all times, they, too, struggle with a bad hair day ev...


15 Products You Can Buy To Help Save Wildlife

Today’s businesses are more environmentally conscious than ever. Whether it’s sourcing local goods to create products, or donating a portion of proceeds to the rainforest, companies are finally starti...


15 Nail Trends That Shouldn't Exist

Nail art is a rising trend in the fashion world. Decorative diamonds, peculiar shapes, and extreme lengths are just a few of the most popular nail designs. With so many different decals and configurat...


10 Mouthwatering Images of Chocolate Melting

Melting chocolate properly is a technique that takes some practice to perfect. Chocolate can be temperamental and burns easily, but when done correctly, it is as delicious to watch as it is to eat. As...


15 Weird Beauty Trends We Just Can't Get Behind

In search of the ultimate beauty and fashion, women (and even men) have opened themselves up to some very questionable trends over the years. And the stranger and more bizarre a trend seems, the longe...


Breakfast In The Slow Cooker? Yes, You Can!

Breakfast might be the most important meal of the day, but many of us have a hard time fitting the morning break into our already hectic routines. Between trying to get dressed for work, preparing the...

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