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Pop Culture

15 Crazy Rumors, Straight Out Of Hollywood

When you hear "Hollywood", you probably first think of movies, glamour, red carpets and fancy after-parties. Well, that's partially correct, but Hollywood is not just that. Working in a movie or a mus...


15 Celebs Who Changed Their Names For Fame

You've definitely heard of Iggy Azalea, but do you know who Amethyst Amelia Kelly is? Or maybe Elizabeth Woolridge Grant? Probably not! However, you do know them by their stage names!It might seem eas...


15 Heroic Dogs That Saved Human Lives

We all know that dogs are the best, right? They are so cute and fluffy, and they are literally always there when we need them. I mean, no wonder they're "man's best friend." But besides that, they can...

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