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15 Embarrassing Instances Of Twinning

Remember how fun it was when you wore the same shirt to school as your best friend? How about matching a sibling? Kids love being able to match each other, but for some reason, becoming an adult ruins...


15 People Who Should Just Give Up On Texting

What would we do without our cell phones and text messages? We couldn’t possibly use those phones to talk to someone. It just wouldn’t be the same. Texting is so easy and so convenient that it’s hard ...


15 Mind-Boggling Moments From TERRIBLE Interviews

Nobody likes to be interviewed but it is something we have all had to do at one time or another. Those of us who are lucky, can simply go in, say what we need to say, make a good impression, and wait ...


15 People Who Are Clearly Dating Idiots

We have all dated people and at some point in the relationship, taken a second to really look at them, think about who they are and regret being with them. For us lucky ones, this realization hits us ...


15 Times Nickelodeon Was Inappropriate AF

For those of us who grew up in the 90s, there was nothing better than coming home from school, getting a snack, and watching our favorite Nicktoons; Rugrats, Ahhh Real Monsters, Doug, Hey Arnold. Ther...


15 Times People LITERALLY Got What They Asked For

We have all asked for something at some point only to get something completely different, but how many of us have actually ever gotten exactly what we asked for? Chances are when we do, it still isn’t...


15 Pets Who Look Just Like Famous Celebrities

They say everyone has a twin in the world. Most of us assume that our twin is another person. We would all be surprised if we found out our twins were animals. Some of the best looking people on our p...

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