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16 Subtle Cat Tattoos That Are Dainty AF


Are you a cat lover who's in the market for a new tattoo? If you answered yes to that question, then you may want to check out the list below. Not only are the tattoos below dainty, subtle, and elegan...

12 Non-Potato French Fries To Try This Weekend


I know potatoes are delicious, but sometimes, I must say, I do get a bit tired of them. There is a whole world of starchy foods out there just waiting to be fried and turned into a yummy new dish. Fro...

15 Times Popsicles Seriously Upped Their Game


It's officially summer, and that means popsicle season! Whether you're into fruity popsicles, creamsicles, or are all about that chocolate fudge life, the popsicles below are sure to impress. While th...

11 Naked Wedding Cakes That Are Downright Gorgeous


Unfrosted, or “naked” cakes have been one of the biggest wedding trends of the past year. Truly versatile, these cakes have taken the wedding industry by storm. Goodbye fondant and hello barely-there ...

The 10 Strangest Wedding Venues in Existence


Deciding where to hold your wedding is a huge deal. It has to be big enough for the number of guests, it has to be within your budget, and most importantly, it has to represent you and your fiancee as...

16 Hilarious Signs That Are Pure Marketing Genius


A good billboard sign can make a bad day just a little bit better. And these 15 billboard signs below totally nailed that! From puns and innuendos to downright hilarious jokes, the marketing geniuses ...

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