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13 Dogs Who Are So Ready For Baseball Season


For all the baseball lovers out there (both human and non-human), baseball season has arrived! It's that time of year again when the air fills with peanuts, popcorn, hot dogs, and hope – hope that you...

10 Foods That Are Obnoxiously American


Do you ever see something and think, “wow, that is super American”? If I’m being honest, that happens to me all the time. And I don’t mean it as an insult, but there are just some foods that are quint...

10 Stunning Examples of Disney Food Art


Do your kids (or you – we’re not judging!) love Disney? Do you love food? If you answered yes to both those questions (and I really hope you did), then you HAVE to check out these stunning examples of...

10 Ways To Eat More Cookie Dough


It’s time to admit that cookie dough is often more delicious than an actual cookie. I honestly can’t count how many times I’ve bought cookie dough from the store and ended up eating over half without ...

20 Most Luxurious Pet Hotels Around the World


Whether you’re going away on vacation, or you just want to treat your pet to a luxurious weekend getaway, look no further! These insanely regal (and expensive!) pet hotels will leave your pet feeling ...

10 Delectable Dessert Recipes for the Coffee Addict


If you’re a coffee lover, then you’re probably always on the lookout for new ways to get coffee into you diet. Let’s be honest, the same routine every morning can get a bit boring. Personally, nothing...

11 April Fool's Day Prank Recipes


There’s nothing worse than biting into a chocolate chip cookie only to realize it's actually an oatmeal raisin cookie – This is the inspiration behind these April Fools’ Day prank recipes. You’d be su...

10 Times State Fair Foods Went Too Far


Speaking as someone who has never been to a state fair, they seem like absolutely insane places filled with foods that will instantly clog your arteries. That being said, I would love to go to one som...

13 Absolutely Insane Pizza Hut Pizzas


Pizza Hut is known for creating some absolutely outrageous pizzas. From wacky toppings, to crusts stuffed with everything from cheese to jalapeno poppers, I eagerly await the release of a brand new Pi...

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