Articles by Felicia Sabartinelli


Beat The Heat With These 15 Refreshing Cocktails

It's the season we've all been waiting for: summer! What we weren't waiting for, however? The insane heat. The hot, sticky days that leaves us feeling lethargic and willing to commit a crime by jumpin...


10 Stunning DIY Marble iPhone Cases

According to the Huffington Post, we spend an estimated one-third of our day on our cell phones. One-third! And, if you think about it, in a way, our phones have become like an extra limb on our bodie...


20 Hilarious Tweets On Parenting

The loose definition of parenting: happiness, sleep deprivation, anxiety, fun, and so much stress that you don't know how you will survive through the day.


10 Makeup Trends That Shouldn't Exist

I love fashion. I also love makeup. I pretty much like anything that helps one express themselves. Whatever helps someone show their personality or individuality. BUT there are some things that we don...


15 Dogs On Instagram Who Are Living The Dream

When man met dog, I can only imagine that it was a magical meeting, nothing less of the clouds opening from the heavens as a choir of birds sang. Love filled the air, and all because human had finally...

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