Articles by Gabriela Corsalini


15 Of The Most Painfully Awkward Work Fails

Relationships with your coworkers can sometimes be awkward – I mean, honestly, the fact that you are good at working for the same company doesn't mean you are meant to be the best of friends. And here...


15 People That Quit Their Jobs Like A Boss

Quitting a job is – almost – always a heart-wrenching decision. Whether it's because you've found something better or just because you can't take it anymore, sometimes the only option left is to quit your current job.


15 Times Pets Were Complete Douchebags

People often say that having a pet is like having a child – I know, parents usually complain about this comparison, but I'm a parent and a dog owner, so it's okay if I say it. And honestly, it's prett...

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