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A Baby Camel Was Born At The Calgary Zoo

Daily Things

To most working stiffs, Wednesday is considered hump day. But at one spot in Calgary, that special time of the week took place three days too late, and with a more literal level of significance. Becau...

This Adorable Baby Opossum Was Evicted


Authorities in Hampton, Virginia want to make it clear that no matter how cute a vagrant might be, it still cannot be allowed on premises, public or private. Even if such violators have nowhere else t...

Child Rescued By Real Life "Spiderman"


One Sunday afternoon, probably the biggest highlight that Mamoudou Gassama thought would happen was a soccer match screening at an eatery he was planning to hit. But the game paled in comparison when ...

Gary Janetti Is The King Of Royal Memes


Just because you're (probably) not part of the lineage associated with the most famous occupants of Buckingham Palace doesn't mean you can't be a king or queen. All it takes is to become so good at so...

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