Articles by Gene Kosowan

Stylish Dog Imitates Madonna's Best Moves


For those who think Madonna's act has gone to the dogs, here's an artist willing to step in to prove that point.  Maxdonna is a canine with a unique talent and a look that's perfect for the camera, es...

Service Dog Owner Sues Disney For Discrimination


Disney seems to like dogs since at least two of it's canine mascots, Goofy and Pluto, are almost as popular as Mickey Mouse. However, at the Walt Disney World theme park in Orlando, the security guard...

Why Mushrooms Are All You Need To Combat Stress


Culinary wisdom recently determined that mushrooms could serve a higher purpose than being pizza toppings or complements to a grilled steak. It turns out that despite the mushroom's fungus status, it'...

UK Residents Are Choosing More Vegan BBQ Foods


Union Jack wavers with a hungry affinity for steak and kidney pie, toad in a hole (sausages in batter) and black pudding (sausage stuffed with meat and oatmeal) might soon become a minority if a marke...

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