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20 Things About Love & Hip Hop That Make No Sense

When it first premiered in 2011, no one would have ever expected or predicted Love and Hip Hop to be the multi-million dollar winning franchise as we know it today. Yet, the show is a huge ratings jug...

Pop Culture

20 Low-Key Facts About Eminem's Family

Eminem is highly regarded as one of the best rappers to ever pick up a microphone. Some may argue for him to be the best rapper alive, maybe even of all time, alive or dead. Eminem has come a long way...

Pop Culture

19 Sketchy Facts About The Flair Family

The Flair family is perhaps one of the most well-regarded families in the wrestling business and it is all solely because of Ric Flair and Charlotte Flair. In his long and illustrious career as a form...