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Pop Culture

20 Eminem Beefs That Went Way Too Far

Many hip hop enthusiasts would argue for Eminem to be the best rapper in the game today, and maybe of all time. Much of Eminem's success can, of course, be attributed to his lyrical skill and the succ...


20 Things About Love & Hip Hop That Make No Sense

When it first premiered in 2011, no one would have ever expected or predicted Love and Hip Hop to be the multi-million dollar winning franchise as we know it today. Yet, the show is a huge ratings jug...

Pop Culture

20 Low-Key Facts About Eminem's Family

Eminem is highly regarded as one of the best rappers to ever pick up a microphone. Some may argue for him to be the best rapper alive, maybe even of all time, alive or dead. Eminem has come a long way...

Pop Culture

19 Sketchy Facts About The Flair Family

The Flair family is perhaps one of the most well-regarded families in the wrestling business and it is all solely because of Ric Flair and Charlotte Flair. In his long and illustrious career as a form...

Pop Culture

19 Sketchy Facts About Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor is without a shadow of a doubt the biggest star under UFC's belt at the moment. Not only thanks to his impressive fighting style and win-loss record but also because of his charismatic ...

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