Articles by Joseph Walter

17 Worst Things Ash Ever Did To Misty


Ash Ketchum may be one of the most iconic anime protagonists, but that doesn’t mean he’s  a good person. On the contrary, Ash seems to possess an almost fathomless well of selfish indulgence, ignoranc...

20 Dark Secrets That Actually Ruin Mario Games


When you think of the Super Mario franchise, you’re likely to picture the happy-go-lucky, brightly-colored cartoon plumber bouncing and trouncing his way around some surreal landscape littered with fl...

20 Darkest Things Princess Peach Has Ever Done


Princess Peach is the most prolific female character in the entire medium of video games, and is a beloved icon for millions of fans. She’s dainty, cute and surprisingly interesting despite her charac...

20 Weird Facts About Samus’ Anatomy


The Metroid series is arguably Nintendo’s strangest creation. Yes, even stranger than a plumber who battles against evil turtles and becomes a giant after eating a mushroom.

Pokémon: 20 Disturbing Facts About Misty


Misty, the red-headed Gym Leader of Cerulean City and Water-type Pokémon expert has been a staple of the franchise since its earliest of incarnations, debuting in the original Game Boy games.

20 Dark Secrets Behind Old Disney Games


Disney is a delightfully bizarre company. On one side of the coin, it’s a team of passionate artists who create countless beloved, family-friendly classics. On the other end, it’s a soulless, corporat...

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