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19 Facts About Donkey Kong That’ll Ruin Your Childhood

Donkey Kong may move slow, and he can’t jump high, but this Kong’s one heck of… an icon and one of Nintendo’s top tier franchises almost since his inception (specifically, the wildly popular arcade cabinets that proudly carried his name.)


20 Pokémon Games We Totally Forgot Existed

Apparently, Pokémon is the largest media empire currently in existence, so even though it seems that “PokéMania” has considerably died down, there’s still plenty of lifeblood left in the franchise (th...


20 Bizarre Facts About Mega Man’s Anatomy

Mega Man is easily one of the most iconic video game characters to ever grace the medium. In fact, we’d argue that he’s the ultimate representative of classic side-scrolling from the NES era (yep, we said it. Sorry, Mario.)


18 Weird Facts About Sailor Moon’s Anatomy

Sailor Moon is one of our favorite shows from the 90s, and we’re not alone. The franchise continues to thrive, decades after its inception, and it doesn’t look like it’ll run out of steam any time soon.


20 Times Blizzard Lied To Us

There was a time when Blizzard was synonymous with the highest level of quality, where almost everything they touched virtually turned to gold.


17 Worst Things Ash Ever Did To Misty

Ash Ketchum may be one of the most iconic anime protagonists, but that doesn’t mean he’s  a good person. On the contrary, Ash seems to possess an almost fathomless well of selfish indulgence, ignoranc...


20 Dark Secrets That Actually Ruin Mario Games

When you think of the Super Mario franchise, you’re likely to picture the happy-go-lucky, brightly-colored cartoon plumber bouncing and trouncing his way around some surreal landscape littered with floating blocks and mushrooms.

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