Articles by Jeanette

20 Easy Ways to Welcome Spring Into Your Home


Spring is such an exciting time of the year; The days are starting to get longer, the temperature is warming up and new life is sprouting everywhere. Embrace the change in season by ditching all the h...

20 Creative Window Treatments


Whether you're moving in to a new house and your windows are begging for attention, or you're just ready to give your existing home a makeover, consider these 20 most unique window treatment ideas. Cr...

20 DIY Vertical Garden Inspirations


This listicle is packed with unique and specific DIY tutorials so get ready! There are no more excuses – It doesn't matter if don't have a yard, don't have a lot of space, or live in a tiny apartment....

20 Beautiful Reclaimed Wood Ideas


People all over the world are giving wood a second life. Transform the vibe of your home with reclaimed wood decor! It can be rustic, industrial, cozy, weathered, and there are ways you can incorporat...

20 Ways to Incorporate Nature Into Your Home


Turn your home inside out... or should I say outside in, by blending the natural world with your interior space. If you're a nature lover, like me, then you're always looking for new ways to make your...

20 Ways to Make Your Bathroom a Relaxing Place


We want bathrooms to be peaceful oases where we can wash away our day's stress and grime. Unfortunately for many of us, our bathrooms are dull, drab, uninspired spaces where we keep our toothbrush and...