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16 Disney Movie Rumors We Hope Never Happen

Since it produced the first fully animated film back in 1937, Disney has become rather unstoppable when it comes to making hit movies. Oftentimes, when you think of Walt Disney Studios, you think of a...

Pop Culture

20 Things Fan Keep Ignoring About Dirty Jobs

Over the years, no reality show has ever been more shockingly real than “Dirty Jobs.” The premise of this show itself is unique. In each episode, it shows one guy trying a ‘dirty job’ for the first ti...

Pop Culture

16 Fake Things About Discovery's Gold Rush

One can argue that among all the reality shows, only a few can rival the thrill and excitement that “Gold Rush” brings with every episode. On this show, it’s all about the pursuit of gold. Moreover, a...

Pop Culture

15 Rules Every Disney Employee Has To Follow

When you think about Disney, you think about the happiest place on Earth and that’s certainly not a coincidence. From feature Disney films to animation to theme parks, it seems that Disney’s got all the essential elements for continuous fun.

Pop Culture

15 Rules Every Surfer Has To Follow

Today, across America, many are eager to ride the wave. In fact, according to a study by the Surf Industry Association, the number of surfers in the U.S. alone has grown from 1.8 million in 2004 to a ...

Pop Culture

15 Rules Every Weather Girl Has To Follow

When compared to other reporting jobs on television and radio stations, being a weather girl stands out because of the job’s unique qualifications. In fact, according to online employment marketplace ...

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