Articles by Jenna Latcheran

15 Exes Who Really Don't Get It

Pop Culture

Ahh an ex, something most us unfortunate (or fortunate) souls have had at some point in our lives. A break-up is never easy and most drag it on and on, instead of just ending the relationship, deletin...

15 Struggles Every Shopaholic Faces


I, like many others, suffer from OSD, or also know as, Obsessive Shopping Disorder. I wake up everyday with an urge to go out and shop and know that a little retail therapy will always put me in a  go...

15 Signs You've Out-Grown Your College Years


College is that time in a persons life when they can break free from the ordinary and start to really find themselves. For the first 18 years of a person's life, they are used to following the rules, ...