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15 Vikings That will Make you Thirsty AF

I was late in catching on to the History Channel series Vikings, but when I finally discovered it, I pretty much power watched every episode in all four seasons in about two weeks. There are so many r...

Pop Culture

15 of the Biggest D-Bags in Star Wars

I am a Star Wars fanatic and love each and every one of the films (yup, that includes the prequels…come at me). And while there are a bazillion amazing characters in the Star Wars universe, there are definitely some that are, well, complete d-bags.

Pop Culture

15 Drool Worthy Photos of Jason Mamoa

There are a plethora of good looking celebrities out there, but very rarely does one come around that sparks an obsession within me, making me drool in my daydreams. Well, Jason Momoa is one such cele...


15 Moms Being Horrifyingly Embarrassing

Moms have a knack of embarrassing us in the absolutely worst ways. It's like a special skill they have. They think they're being cute or funny, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. No, whippin...


15 dog owners who won the cosplay game

With all of the amazing conventions popping up across the world, it's no wonder Cosplay is all the rage these days. I am a self-professed geek who loves comics, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, etc., so I enjo...


15 of the Creepiest Websites on the Net

The Internet is a very big place with a huge variety of sites to visit. Whatever personal tastes, styles or fandoms one has or follows, there is more than likely a website that will cater to it. That'...


15 of the Most Ridiculous Restaurant Signs

Have you ever seen a sign for a restaurant, whether it be their name, for a menu or a just promotional sign, that made you scratch your head, like WTF? Like, who thought this was a good idea? The purp...

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