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15 Accidental Messages We're Kinda Glad Got Sent

The Internet has the power to either make or break our day. There are millions and millions of things to see on the Internet, but some of them are just plain offensive or boring. But there will be tho...


15 Memes We Don't Want To Relate To, But Do

A few years ago, unbeknownst to the majority of the human population, people on the Internet became a little too self-aware. It started gaining traction when “Does anyone else…” posts started circulat...


15 Posts These Teens Might Live To Regret

Teenagers can be a handful. They are at the mercy of their confusing hormones, peer pressure, social media and their unexplainable need to go against whatever their parents want. Everyone’s gone throu...


15 Eyebrows That Have Us Saying "Eye Can't"

Eyebrows can make or break a person’s entire look. Brows shape the face and can make a person look soft or unintentionally angry, just by how thick they were drawn and what color is used. No matter ho...


15 Things That Didn't Quite Turn Out As Planned

Strategies and processes are often put into place in order to get from point A to point B or to achieve the desired results seamlessly and with no trouble. But sometimes, our thought processes don't e...


21 Eyebrow Trends We Can't Believe Exist

Nowadays, a lot of people consider themselves makeup gurus and often post tutorials on social media sites. This is because the masses have rightly observed that the most famous makeup gurus make oodle...


15 Tattoo "Fixes" That Are Not Fixes At All

Tattoos are forever (mostly). That's why it's highly encouraged that people do their research before getting inked. It's always best to do research on tattoo studios, artists and their portfolios so p...


15 People Who Deserve An Award For Being This Extra

Being extra is the act of going overboard. A lot of people are this way just because, but some people have merely adapted this because they realized—by watching other people—that it could garner them ...

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