Articles by Jim Parsons

Herd of Bison Causes Some Traffic Troubles


When taking a road trip, you can expect to see strange and beautiful things. But, it's not often that a road trip includes waiting on the highway for some 30-plus bison to cross. That's exactly what h...

Unicorn Dr. Pepper Is Available Now


If you're a fan of unicorns — and who isn't — your day is about to get a whole lot brighter. Unicorns are everywhere. From sprinklers and toys to cakes and candy, and even magical unicorn poop, fans o...

This Fan Really Loves Gargoyles


Fans of the Disney franchise Gargoyles are either going to be extremely excited or upset about a fan film that recently hit YouTube and shows the Gargoyles in an entirely different light.

There Are Slices Of Ketchup On Kickstarter


If your intention is to launch a business and you need a little upfront capital, one of the places you go is Kickstarter — the world's largest funding platform for creative projects. But, for people w...

Will Dos Be Double The Fun Of Uno?

Daily Things

Are you a fan of the 50-year-old card game Uno? Well, the makers of the game are coming out with a sequel. It's being billed as "two times the fun", so it makes sense that they would call it Dos.

WATCH: Uncle Drew Trailer Is Baller


Kyrie Irving may be one of the NBA's premier point guards, but he's almost as beloved for his portrayal of Uncle Drew. The character was created in a series of Pepsi ads that went viral over the past ...

Meet Pittsburgh's Adorable New Baby Sloth [PHOTO]


The nation's premier bird zoo, the National Aviary, is welcoming an adorable new addition to their population. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the National Aviary is the only independent indoor n...