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15 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

We've all heard a number of conspiracy theories here and there, and we tend to think that most of them are too crazy to be true. But the fact is we live in a crazy world, and it means that even the mo...


15 Nonsense Rules We All Follow Blindly

We human beings tend to think that we have the mind that surpasses the minds of other living beings on our planet. However, just like all other animals, we often follow our own instincts and stick to ...


15 Facts About Royal Weddings

Royal weddings are always a huge deal. After all, millions of people in the United Kingdom and all around the world are going to watch it. And, afterwards, they'll discuss how the bride and groom look...


15 Wasted Online Purchases

Would anyone ever give car keys to an inebriated person? Of course, not! So why would we let someone who was lit AF use the Internet to make poor online purchases? Shopping online in a wasted state ca...


Karma Is Real: 15 Pictures That Prove It

Karma is a central notion in a number of schools of spiritual thought. It is believed that good deeds and intentions lead to the accumulation of good karma and happiness, while bad deeds and intention...

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