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15 Peeps Who Have Seen Better Days

They say the bad days that make us appreciate the good, but there are just some days that we would rather forgo altogether. Like those days when we are running late to an interview and don't realize t...


21 Dogs That Take Being Awkward To The Next Level

Just because dogs are arguably the best things on the planet does not always mean that they have it more put-together than the rest of us. While sure, some doggo's are perfectly coordinated and agile,...


19 Viral Photos The World Forgot About

Thanks to social media, it seems like a new viral photo emerges every other day. Oftentimes, it's a funny or bizarre picture from a regular joe, but we do still see a lot of celebrities posting images...


15 Liars Who Got Busted On Social Media

Although social media has plenty of nuances, like taking up too much time and turning us all into creeps, it is good at one thing—catching people in lies. Some people lie about facts, which can be eas...


15 People Who Let Themselves Down

It's a fact of life that not everyone grows up to be intelligent. All it takes is one afternoon at Walmart or a few hours scrolling through troll comments on Twitter to realize that this statement is ...


15 People Who Stole The Spotlight

Some people just love to be the center of attention at all times. It doesn't matter what the occasion is or who they are surrounded by because their sole purpose is to be the star of every show. These...

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