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15 Mock Engagement Photos We Can't Get Enough Of


Spring is just around the corner, and love is in the air. Along with loving feelings come marriage proposals, which lead to engagement photos. Before long, everyone's Facebook feeds will be filtrated ...

15 Couples Who Annoyed Us With Their Selfies


Since the beginning of time, there have always been those annoying couples who nauseate everyone else with their PDA and lovey-dovey code words. A little more than a decade ago, social media exploded ...

15 Times The Irony Was So Thick, We Could Taste It


Irony is a funny thing. When a person is down on his or her luck, an ironic incident can seem like rubbing salt into the wound. Meanwhile, it provides a good laugh for everyone else looking on at the ...

15 People Bound To Be Single This Christmas


Christmastime is here, which means it's time for people to gather together with those they love the most. This could include a special someone or simply family and close friends. The problem comes whe...

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