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How To Keep A Cat Cool In A Summer Heatwave

Most of us look forward to summer all year round, especially those of us who live in one of the cooler states, or up north in Canada. There's nothing better than a good tan and saving on the heating b...


The Problem With Posting Vacation Photos

There's nothing like going on a beautiful vacation and taking some snaps of the gorgeous sunset, cocktail in hand as you lay on a lounger overlooking the sea, is there? Most of us are guilty of postin...


Royal Wedding Donut From Dunkin'

May has arrived and that can only mean one thing - the royal wedding is just around the corner. With Prince Harry set to tie the knot with US actress Meghan Markle on May 19, all eyes are on Britain a...


Check Out This Amazing Beard Decor By Two Besties

Over the past few years, beard popularity is on the rise. Once considered old-fashioned, growing your facial hair beyond your five-o'clock shadow is now ultra-trendy. Of course, with a great beard com...


Drone Used To Rescue Puppy

You may have noticed that there's nothing we like better here at The Things than a good ol' animal rescue story. After all, we love animals and seeing them in danger gets us right in the feels. When w...


Pizza Rat Returns

Cast your mind back to 2015. Do you remember much about that year? Maybe your best friend got married, or you went on a dream holiday. Or, like us, maybe the highlight of that particular year was the ...


ER Doctor Held Crying Baby For An Hour

Let's face it, ER visits are never fun. You're usually in for a long wait which is distressing when you're sick or injured, but the doctors are under immense pressure too. If you've ever watched an ep...

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