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Is This The Future Of Backpacks?

Fashion is an ever-revolving door of trends. Recently, for example, 90's vibes are making a huge comeback, with everything from popper trousers to butterfly clips sneaking their way back into our clos...

Pop Culture

The Real Deal Behind Neuro Drinks

Celebrities love their fads, that's no secret. More often than not our Instagram feeds are littered with advertisements for green teas that promise to help you shed the pounds, weight-loss shakes or t...


Avocado Gelato Is Now A Thing

In the last few years avocado has become less of a food stuff and more of an out and out trend. Revered by health experts and hipsters everywhere, the smooth green goodness of the avocado has spread f...


Chrissy Teigen Is Back On Neopets

Chrissy Teigen is pretty busy making another adorable baby. The star is expecting her second child with her husband, John Legend. The world is fully aware, and so are we - namely because their eldest ...


This Store Serves Ice Cream And Cocktails

There's a few things in life that we think are pretty amazing. Whiskers on kittens, raindrops on roses - all that kind of stuff. We dig it. If we're really honest though, ice cream and cocktails are h...

Pop Culture

Beyoncé And Solange Took A Tumble On Stage

When Beyoncé dominated the stage at the first week of Coachella, the world was set on fire. Not only did Queen Bey garner the hashtag #BEYCHELLA, she made history as the first black female artist to h...

Daily Things

Epic Baseball Bat Flip Goes Viral

We have a special place in our hearts for all things viral here at The Things. There's nothing better than an uplifting goat story, or a dancing usher that has some serious moves. Whatever it is, if i...


Millions Of Eggs Recalled Due To Salmonella

Eggs are a staple in the diet of billions of people worldwide - they're a breakfast favorite, as well as a necessary ingredient in all manner of scrumptious bakes. Unfortunately for us, they can also ...


WATCH: New Hostelworld Ad With Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is cashing in on her well documented diva-hood with the latest Hostelworld ad. In 2005, Carey famously wouldn't enter London's Baglioni hotel until a red carpet was rolled out for her, al...

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