Articles by Kayla Blydenburgh


15 Weird Images That Made Us Say "Why Though?"

Have you ever looked at something and thought, "What in the world is this and why is it in my line of vision?" Yeah, we have, too. You have your April Fools Day pranks, your heartless humans and your ...


15 Images That Prove Irony Is All Too Real

Some days, you may feel like you can't win. Other days, you have no doubt that you'll rise above everything in your way. Most days, though? Irony will slap you in the face without you even realizing i...


15 Hilarious "Why My Child Is Crying" Pictures

You don't have to be a parent to know that children have random tantrums daily. It should be common sense by now. Whether a toy breaks, the dog barks too loud or Grandma isn't coming to dinner, childr...


15 Hilarious People Who Are So Damn Smooth

This article is for all you smooth cats out there. Whether you're picking up the ladies or the gentlemen, there's something about you that's incredibly irresistible. You know it's true, too. It's not ...

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