Articles by Kaye L

19 Ruthless Female Clapbacks That Made Us Clap Back


One of the greatest things that the Internet has done for us is allowed females to have a voice that can reach far and wide. It’s as if for years people wouldn’t believe us when we would complain abou...

17 Rules The NFL Cheerleaders Must Follow


Being a cheerleader in the NFL looks like it would be a lot of fun. One would assume that these women get a lot of perks with the job. They get to travel with the team, they have a job dancing which i...

15 Celebrity Memes That Have A-List Status


Being a public figure is no easy feat. With the Internet being such a major part of keeping up their status, it’s not like they can avoid it altogether unless they're Meryl Streep or Helen Mirren (the...

They See Me Trollin', They Hatin' (15 Photos)


There is now a name for all those people who sit in front of their computers for hours at a time and comment incessantly on people’s statuses; “Troll’. An internet troll to be exact. They are often de...

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