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They See Me Trollin', They Hatin' (15 Photos)

There is now a name for all those people who sit in front of their computers for hours at a time and comment incessantly on people’s statuses; “Troll’. An internet troll to be exact. They are often de...


15 Secrets That Escaped The Royal Family

The royal family’s job is to be in the public eye. They are meant to participate in charity work, do missionary work, make appearances for the masses to freak out about, get caught in infidelity scand...


15 Things Leah Remini Revealed About Scientology

Scientology is a “religion” that has a lot of controversy surrounding it. They recruit celebrities like nobody’s business and they basically suck the money out anyone they can. In recent years, they h...


15 Jaw-Dropping Times 'Sister Wives' Horrified Us

Sister Wives has become a national obsession. Society lately has become obsessed with seeing how people in plural marriages live their lives. There are many shows that have tried to carve out their ow...


15 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Arrests

When celebrities have a run-in with the law we all die a little inside depending how much we love or hate them. There probably isn’t one person out there that is plugged into media that can say they d...

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